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My Statistics Signature 1.0 - Diogo Parrinha - 05-23-2009

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My Statistics Signature 1.0.0


This PHP script (it's not a plugin) outputs an image with the following stats:
  • Total posts
  • Total Threads
  • Total members
(it used to display the newest member as well but it takes too much space so I removed it)

At the bottom it displays the URL of the home page and at the top, the name of it.
You can also add a small slogan or description by editing the file mystatssig.php (search for 'description', line 55).

I've created this some time ago but I've just decided to release it now.

In mystatssig.php, lines 13-15:
define("NO_ONLINE", 1); // change to 0 if you want to create a new session for each user that views the signature
define("USE_CACHE", 1); // change to 0 if you don't want to use cache
define("HIDE_INFO", 0); // change to 1 if you want to hide the home name/url/description


Edit the file mystatsig.php and change the Description/Slogan to whatever you want (line 55).
Upload the files 'mystatssig.php' and 'mystatssig.png to the root of your MyBB's installation.


Pirata Nervo


Note: by the default it uses cache but you can change that by editing the definition at the top of the file

RE: [Release] My Statistics Signature - DevilKid - 05-23-2009

Hey... Any way that I can make the 'Newest Member' show up again?

RE: [Release] My Statistics Signature - Diogo Parrinha - 05-23-2009

Yes, uncomment the following lines:
PHP Code:
//$total_newest_member = $db->fetch_array($db->query("SELECT * FROM ".TABLE_PREFIX."users ORDER BY `uid` DESC LIMIT 0 , 1")); 
PHP Code:
//$total_newest_member['username'] = $stats['lastusername']; 
PHP Code:
//ImageString ($img_handle, 3, 200, 44, "Newest Member: ".$total_newest_member['username'], $color); 

I don't remember if the cache method for getting the newest user was working, but try it

RE: [Release] My Statistics Signature - chriscom - 05-29-2009

Thank you very much!

RE: [Release] My Statistics Signature - The Killer - 06-08-2009

can anyone tell me about the reputation plugins

RE: [Release] My Statistics Signature - Diogo Parrinha - 06-08-2009

huh? You've spammed 4 threads. Bye bye

RE: My Statistics Signature 1.0 - nyunyu - 09-30-2009

Nice, I will use this one.
Just subscribed to get several plugins from here. Surprisingly you have wonderful plugins and yet I have wasted monies on other plugin site and did not use it. Sad

RE: My Statistics Signature 1.0 - Diogo Parrinha - 09-30-2009

Thank you for subscribing. If you need something just ask me Smile

RE: My Statistics Signature 1.0 - habs - 10-13-2009

Wow.. i have my statisctics sigy works now [Image: genit.gif]

[Image: mystatssig.php]

RE: My Statistics Signature 1.0 - Diogo Parrinha - 10-14-2009

@habs I remember you posting the code for it in a thread, next time make sure you don't post the code of my plugins or scripts in threads without my permission. Thank you