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Custom Browsing 1.0 - Diogo Parrinha - 05-01-2009

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Version: 1.0.0

This plugin allows you to give a custom a appearance to certain forums.
To choose which forums are affected, go to the settings page in Admin CP and edit Custom Browsing's settings.

Why is this useful?
You don't need to edit the original theme templates in every theme if you want all (or some) themes to have the same custom appearance in forum display.
You just need to edit 'custom_browsing_forumdisplay', 'custom_browsing_forumdisplay_thread' and 'custom_browsing_forumdisplay_threads_list'.
Plus, you don't take the chance of breaking the original templates.

It requires one code edit (forumdisplay.php)
Take a look into the readme.

license Wrote:You are NOT authorized to share this plugin with ANYONE without my express permission.
You MUST NOT give credits to anyone besides me, Pirata Nervo.
You MUST NOT remove the license file or any conditions/rules that you may find in the included PHP files.
The author is NOT responsible for any damaged caused by this plugin.

By downloading/installing this module you agree with the conditions stated above.

(this is the default appearance, you can change it of course)

RE: [Release] Custom Browsing 1.0.0 - tacticalbread - 05-02-2009

awesome! nice work dood. Big Grin

RE: [Release] Custom Browsing 1.0.0 - faviouz - 05-02-2009

I don't get it. What does this do?
(would you explain it to me in portuguese pirata?)

RE: [Release] Custom Browsing 1.0.0 - Diogo Parrinha - 05-02-2009

O que isto faz é com que o forum display (ou seja quando estás a ver um forum) tenha uma aparência igual para certos forums e para todos os temas já que os forums que tu escolhes usam todos as mesmas templates

RE: [Release] Custom Browsing 1.0.0 - faviouz - 05-02-2009

hmm, ainda não percebi muito bem. Então tipo, isto muda as templates de certas themes nas secções que quisermos?
(compreensão lenta ftw)

RE: [Release] Custom Browsing 1.0.0 - Diogo Parrinha - 05-02-2009

Não, isto faz com que as templates 'forumdisplay', 'forumdisplay_threadlist' e 'forumdisplay_thread' passem a ser 'custom_browing_forumdisplay', 'custom_browsing_forumdisplay_threadslist' e 'custom_browsing_thread' ou seja, estas ultimas 3 sao usadas em todos os temas nos forums que quiseres, ou seja se quiseres mudar alguma coisas nas templates originas, em vez de modificares as templates originais em todos os temas ('forumdisplay', 'forumdisplay_threadlist' e 'forumdisplay_thread'), modificas as novas templates e elas ficam logo para todos os temas. Poupa-te trabalho

RE: [Release] Custom Browsing 1.0.0 - cobarde - 05-02-2009

how much it cost for premium subscription?

@topic i am really needed that one T_t

RE: [Release] Custom Browsing 1.0.0 - Diogo Parrinha - 05-02-2009

You must pay 50,000(.)(.) from the plaza (there's an item to subscribe)

RE: [Release] Custom Browsing 1.0.0 - faviouz - 05-04-2009

Ahh já percebi. Sim, dá jeito.

RE: [Release] Custom Browsing - DarkKrai - 06-05-2009