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[Release] [UPDATED 16-04-'09]Easy Money 1.2.2! - Shadows - 04-16-2009

Remember I once released it? Well this version is improved code & indentation + new features & i removed one bug haha Tongue.

I have received a lot of suggestions and here they are used.
I also improved the easymoney_run($item) { } section with better code.

Deactivate, upload ( overwrite ) and then just install it like a fresh version Smile.

Easy Money 1.2.2 Free Edition.
I ported it for MyPlaza 0.2.5+ Angel
What is it?
If you're admin you can choose upto 2 members who can use this item.
This item will give you the amount of money you put in the text box. ( it's cool if you need to donate X points to a user but not have enough anymore, then you won't have to access the ACP! )
If i'd be you I'd only show the category to the groups with the people that may use this item.
[Gold] Enter a group which may use this

Upload & activate.
Edit the settings.
Enter upto 2 users who may use this ( and enter none in the second if you only have 1 user who may use this )
If the user who may use this is called "none" put none in the first field haha.
Create a category only available ( recommended ) to the groups of the users who may use this.
Put this item into that category Smile.

Keyword: "Admin-donate" is also good about this feature.
(I'll probably do something around that later on)

I fastly released this module for once, so if you need any help, please post!

_-=> Free Edition <=-_
[Image: 2138028861279477721.png]
_-=> Gold Edition <=-_
[Image: 2138028861279477721.png]

RE: [Release] Easy Money 1.2! - Diogo Parrinha - 04-16-2009

Nice Tongue
Why only 2 users?

RE: [Release] Easy Money 1.2! - DevilKid - 04-16-2009

Its still not working for me, I'll try again. Smile

Edit: Thanks BTW!

RE: [Release] Easy Money 1.2! - Ricardo-san - 04-16-2009

I still don't get what it does. Why not just log in to the Admin Control Panel and set my own credits to something like 9999 then I can donate to users?

RE: [Release] Easy Money 1.2! - Diogo Parrinha - 04-16-2009

Here's a suggestion, remove value="amount" from the input text box.

RE: [Release] Easy Money 1.2! - Shadows - 04-16-2009

Thanks guys Smile.
@PN noted!
oh okay.
@Ricardo-san: it's way faster like this, you choose what to add.
@All: I gave version 1.2.2 to DevilKid because it seems this one has a bug..
Hope DK confirms it works now Smile.
- Shadows.
Done some changes as requested.
Here is the new inc/plugins/myplaza/easymoney.php
this is version 1.2.2
I will release it as 1.3 Stable once it's really cool without bugs

Thank you,
- Shadows.

RE: [Release] Easy Money 1.2! - eternalwolf - 04-16-2009

Nice. I will download soon.

RE: [UPDATED 16-04-'09][Release] Easy Money 1.2.2! - Shadows - 04-16-2009

Updated first post with links to 1.2.2 download Smile.
- Shadows.

RE: [Release] [UPDATED 16-04-'09]Easy Money 1.2.2! - somik - 09-14-2009

Upload to somewhere else! Your forum is down. Why not embed it here? Wink