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Contest Creator 1.2 - Diogo Parrinha - 04-07-2009

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Version: 1.2.0

License Wrote:You are NOT authorized to share this plugin with ANYONE without my express permission.
You MUST NOT give credits to anyone besides me, Pirata Nervo.
You MUST NOT remove the license file or any conditions/rules that you may find in the included PHP files.
The author is NOT responsible for any damaged caused by this plugin.

By downloading/installing this module you agree with the conditions stated above.

This plugin allows you to create contests from Admin CP.

It creates a thread automatically in a custom forum with the content you want whenever a contest is created.
Admin is notified via PM whenever a contest ends.

The lates contests are shown on the index page. (if you do not want to show the latest contests, set the setting 'X Latest Contests' to 0)

Changes since v1.1:
  • X Latest Contests(as well as in the browse contests page in Admin CP) table are ordered by contest id and not by date anymore
  • Added a edit function (note that the end date of the contest you're editing will not appear in the text field of the end date, this would make me search for a fix and at the moment I am really busy with other things)
  • End date is now added according to your board's settings. There's also a preview button to preview the date according to your board's date and time settings. Note that if you have DST enabled, do not count with the +1 hour as it does it automatically.
  • Added a new field into the contests table (thead id). And the contest name now links to the contest thread. You can edit the old contests and change the thread id.

Changes since v1.0:
  • Added _install and _uninstall functions.
  • Displays in the index page the X latest contests (contest name, winner and end date)
  • Added a setting which allows admins to set how many contests are displayed in the Latest Contests table.


Create a new contest

Browsing contests

Forum where contests have been created (There are only 2 in the database because I re-activated the plugin)

Indexpage (Latest contests)

Edit Contest

Admin CP - Contest Creator Settings
Thread Title Prefix:
  • When creating a contest, the thread name is Thread Title Prefix + Contest Name

Admin User ID
  • User ID of the Admin that is notified (via PM) of the ending of each contest.

Thread template
  • A thread template which is displayed by default in the text area on the create contest page.

X Latest Contests
  • How many contests are displayed in the index page (set to 0 if you don't want the table to be shown)

Admin CP - Contest Creator page (Tools & Maintenance -> Contest Creator)
[Contests] (browse all contests, set winners, edit contests)
[Create Contest] (create a new contest)

Upload the contents of the Upload folder to MyBB root and activate the plugin!

Upload the contents of the Upload folder to MyBB root. (do this first!)
To upgrade from 1.0 to 1.2 upload (to MyBB root) and run the upgrade script upgrade_10_12.php
To upgrade from 1.1 to 1.2 upload (to MyBB root) and run the upgrade script upgrade_11_12.php
Delete it after running.

RE: [Release] Contest Creator 1.0 - eternalwolf - 04-07-2009

Awesome! Downloading right now.

RE: [Release] Contest Creator 1.0 - Trinit - 04-07-2009

Is there a demo? I don't understood

RE: [Release] Contest Creator 1.0 - Diogo Parrinha - 04-07-2009

A contest is a competition, this allows you to create competitions and manage them Smile
Thanks eternalwolf

RE: [Release] Contest Creator 1.0 - DevilKid - 04-07-2009

Looks nice, Hopefully I can get it sometime soon. Tongue

RE: [Release] Contest Creator 1.1 [UPDATED] - Diogo Parrinha - 04-07-2009

Updated to 1.1

RE: [Release] Contest Creator 1.1 [UPDATED] - DevilKid - 04-08-2009

Whats new/fixed in 1.1?

RE: [Release] Contest Creator 1.1 [UPDATED] - Diogo Parrinha - 04-08-2009

Check the main post Tongue
there's a list of new things

RE: [Release] Contest Creator 1.2 [UPDATED] - Diogo Parrinha - 04-10-2009

Updated to 1.2!

RE: [Release] Contest Creator 1.2 [UPDATED] - DevilKid - 04-12-2009

lol, whats new in 1.2 now? Tongue