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[WorldCreationz] New Product Line! - Alensis - 01-18-2009

The WorldCreationz biological engeneers are pleased to announce they have succesfully created a cheap human cloning process. Because of this discovery, WordCreations is now able to launch the new Soldierâ„¢ Product Line. You can new recruit your own expert clone army (reminds a bit of Star Wars doesn't it?).

The first soldier available in this product line is the Standard Soldier,
available here:

After an extensive training program, the Elite Soldier is now
available for purchase here:

Now that our engineers have perfected their equipment, we proudly present
the Gas Soldier, available here:

For all your assasination-needs, we would like to present you
the Sniper Soldier here:

After a week, the launch of our new Soldierâ„¢ Product Line is complete, we invite you to look at our latest soldier,
the Soldier Captain, here:

Thank you,
-WordCreationz Management Team

RE: [WorldCreationz] New Product Line! - Diogo Parrinha - 01-18-2009

Good work Alensis, thank you.

RE: [WorldCreationz] New Product Line! - dBOMB90 - 01-18-2009

lol cool.

RE: [WorldCreationz] New Product Line! - Dark_Sabre - 01-18-2009

I bought that too sorry dbomb Tongue

RE: [WorldCreationz] New Product Line! - Ricardo-san - 01-18-2009

Could you release this? I'd like this on my forum. Big Grin

RE: [WorldCreationz] New Product Line! - Diogo Parrinha - 01-18-2009

MyCompany 2.0.0 is not available yet and will be only next week.

RE: [WorldCreationz] New Product Line! - Shadows - 01-18-2009

awwww next week when? xD
Thank you,
- Shadows.

RE: [WorldCreationz] New Product Line! - Diogo Parrinha - 01-18-2009

I don't know yet lol

RE: [WorldCreationz] New Product Line! - CO_ol - 01-19-2009

Nice soldier, xD

RE: [WorldCreationz] New Product Line! - Alensis - 01-19-2009

Lol, thanks cool Smile

New soldier available now, check first post.