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WorldCreationz - Diogo Parrinha - 01-06-2009

All employees (of mycompany) will be part of the secondary group WorldCreationz now Big Grin

Make sure you make an item everyday (or at least make one today and restock that one from now on).
Avertise your item!! - THIS IS IMPORTANT

If you want to get paid, make sure you sell enough items. Buying the items you made is allowed but don't forget you are losing money and that's not really what you want, right?

Salary: 500 (.)(.)
Will be increased once you sell at least 3 items.

Current employees:
  • M33 User
  • Alensis
  • DJBoddington

(Join other companies not only mine)

RE: WorldCreationz - dBOMB90 - 01-06-2009

lol so we make our own products - out of images?? and upload em here and people buy em...

i think i know what kind of co. ill make lol it'll out sell "WorldCreationz"!!!!!

RE: WorldCreationz - Diogo Parrinha - 01-06-2009

Yeah that's it Big Grin

RE: WorldCreationz - dBOMB90 - 01-06-2009

cool. making a logo now lol Confusedhinchan:

RE: WorldCreationz - Diogo Parrinha - 01-06-2009

dbomb bought the planet alensis made, we're rich now : D
CO_ol left the company i dont know why but we are now and I am not accepting more applications as we have already enough money.

RE: WorldCreationz - dBOMB90 - 01-06-2009

shhh no i didnt

RE: WorldCreationz - Alensis - 01-07-2009

Lol, thanks dbomb :d

edit: pirata, what's the link between planets and a sega genesis?

RE: WorldCreationz - dBOMB90 - 01-07-2009

hahha no prob.. make some more stuff so others can buy too

RE: WorldCreationz - McFordB - 01-07-2009

Did you creaet myplaza turbo or port it with ZiNgA?
Its really good and I like the things that have been added to it.

I also like what you have done with NervOS (I may have told you this b4)

Keep up the good work man!

RE: WorldCreationz - dBOMB90 - 01-07-2009

its a port