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Full Version: MyPlaza didn't integrate with my theme correctly.
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I have Unreal Blue as my default theme. My Plaza Turbo didn't integrate into it, yet it works fine with the default MyBB theme. Problems include, but are not limited to, money and items don't show in the post bit, money doesn't show in the user's profile, and the javascripts don't seem to work, as in clicking on an item in the plaza does not change whats seen on the right.

I could easily just reinstall MyPlaza but I don't want to take that route that would be the third time and I don't want to have to do it again. Do you have any suggestions for modifying the templates of a theme to fix this? There are so many templates that I just don't know which to edit.
Go to ACP->MyPlaza->Maintenance->"Reconstruct MyPlaza Turbo Templates"
Click Ok.
What happens?
I did that already. Nothing happened.
@Alestance Listen:
I already had the solution to this in my FAQ, but i could add a thing lol, but so:
Go to modules ==> inventory module ==> click reconstruct at the right.
You will now have items in postbit, if the donate doesn't work do the same thing for it, just reconstruct all of them lol Wink.
@No link in header?
I've added the links myself because it wasn't auto added to all templates, only in default actually & slate blue lmao..
(that's what i'll add in faq lol )
- Shadows.
The problem is the theme not MyPlaza. MyPlaza works perfectly with MyBB default-like themes. I can't do anything, things that don't get edited must be edited manually by you. I had lots of themes here that needed to be edited manually too.
I know I have to manually edit the theme, hence why I asked. I just don't know what specific parts to edit, nor how to edit them in. My problem is that I don't know any PHP, Javascript, and stuff like that. I'm thankful I know basic HTML.

Though its an obstical I plan to overcome in the future, the future me isn't going to help me right now.
These are the templates you need to edit:
  • postbit
  • postbit_classic
  • header_welcomeblock_member
  • usercp
  • usercp_currentavatar
  • member_profile
  • headerinclude
  • footer

I recommend you to edit MyBB Default theme and search for "plaza" in the templates I listed above and change the templates of the theme that needs to be changed according to what you have in MyBB Default theme templates.

Below is the postbit and postbit_classic change on installation. The donate and inventory module modified it if you have these modules activated.

postbit and postbit_class
{$post['user_details']}<br /><span class="smalltext"><a href="{$mybb->settings['bburl']}/plaza.php">{$lang->money}</a>: <span id="postmoney_{$post['pid']}">{$post['money']}</span></span><br />
Thanks. This information will be very helpful.

I still don't know why the Javascript IN the plaza wouldn't work. Like I said, clicking an item won't bring up the item's info in the right table. My temporary work around was that opening it as a link in a new tab would fix it, but I don't like workarounds, they make things feel incomplete.
Do you have javascript enabled? Did you upload the .js files?
Yes, and Yes.

For instance. When I use the work around and the item data is displayed. the message that pops up over the Plaza ("Successfully bought item" or something) displays correctly, but you have to use the work around to get to where you can buy said item.
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