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Full Version: Myplaza Turbo Modules Suggestion Thread
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I made this to help out Pirata since this Forum is cluttered with suggestion threads for Myplaza Turbo. Post them here for now on.
yeh might help thanks.
Okey, I'll post suggestions here from now on.. lol Tongue
@STICK module
When a thread is sticked, in the thread info ( available @ MODCP ) their should be added:
- Thread Sticked Through MyPlaza By: [USER]
Wouldn't that be cool =D?
- Shadows.
I rarely use the mod cp so I need to check what you are talking about. hold on
Ok got it lol
Here are a few I want to see:

Item that gives you a random item upon purchase.

RPG system that also includes stats and equipable items, and shows which are worn and held. This was suggested already by someone else, but I thought it'd be nice to bring it up again Wink
@Alestance, About the random item thing. What if you have a very expencive item you don't want ppl to get? Random item from one category? Tongue
Here is my suggestion of module Big Grin

@Prediction Module
I would like to have this to Football Round-up predictions

for example

Title: UEFA Champions League 1st Round:
Game: Arsenal ( ) - Draw( ) - Lyon ( )
Bet Cost: $xx
Prize to winner/draw= Total sum from bets/number of winners
Users can bet only 1 time to the same game

My english is poor, so take this for example:

Single Bet Cost: $50,00
Number of users who bet: 30
Total sum: $1500,00
Result: Arsenal wins
people who believed Arsenal: 10 => Prize to pay: $150,00 each
That would be nice. But I don't think I'm going to use it. :|
Thats not the random item thing o.o
That's more like the slot machine xD
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