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FAQ & Often asked questions.

I Installed MyPlaza Turbo, activated and added items with the inventory module.
- Problem: My Items aren't showing up in the postbit?
Answer: Go to the ACP MyPlaza Turbo ==> modules search for inventory, at the right of it, click "Reconstruct"
- Problem: My images are not showing? There is some sort of problems with them?
Answer: when you go to the admin panel, add an inventory item, the inputbox for the image link is like this: You put: image.jpg, and it will link to, be sure it's linked to an existing image, it may not be linked via http://blabla
- Problem: I can not see all items in my inventory.
Answer: In the MyPlaza settings ( Admin CP ==> MyPlaza Turbo ==> Modules ==> Inventory module Options button ) choose how much items to show in it, if you have too many items in the inventory than it says in the settings they won't show up.
- Problem: How can i see a user's inventory?
Answer: 1) Search for one of his posts, click view inventory ( or edit if required ) 2) to edit it, change this url to your forums:

General questions..
- Problem: I currently have MyPS or another points system, can i install MyPlaza?
Answer: yes, you just need to do it via PHPMyAdmin, rename the row (if it is 'money') to something else and then install MyPlaza Turbo, delete the plaza's money field and rename the other one to 'money', set the type to decimal and the Lenght/Values to 16,2. Not NULL. Default must be 10.00
- Problem: I have installed MyPlaza Turbo, but something doesn't work..
Answer: Be sure you've got the latest version of everything, for modules click here, for MyPlaza, click here.
- Problem: The update manager gives me an error.
Answer: The update manager does NOT work.
- Problem: Can i suggest an idea?
Answer: yes, you can, but please take in consideration that it is possible to create a lot of modules and the coder is a one-man-team ( Pirata Nervo ), so it is possible that your idea will not be made.
- Problem: How do i add an inventory item ( those images you buy? )
Answer: Firstly, activate the module, in the modules tab. Then check the options of it, then you will see a tab ( a little one ) saying " ADD INVENTORY ITEM " click on that =).
- Problem: Something won't work, and i can't find anything about it.
Answer: it might be a bug, post it in this forum =).
- Problem: Picture as money prefix

Templates & installation.
- Problem: No link is set in one of my themes, to MyPlaza Turbo.
Answer: MyPlaza Turbo cannot add the header link to MyPlaza Turbo in all themes, you must edit the templates. (header_welcome_block_member)
- Problem: I've added a template after i install MyPlaza Turbo ==> nothing of the templates is installed and the reconstruct functions do NOT work.
Answer: Okay do not panic, you'll have to edit some templates, i will show you which, just check the differences with one of the templates that has it installed and change it. If you can't do it, just open a support thread, the templates are: Click here!

Bank & etc
- Problem: How do i edit a user's forum points or the points that are in the bank?
Answer: Just go to the admin panel, users & groups, edit the user, and go to the "profile" tab, and scroll down to the end, it will say money, and bank money..[/b]

[info]If you didn't understand something pm me and i will explain it more carefully, with screen captures =).[/info]

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