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Full Version: Suggestion - Buy download-link
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Can you make a module so you can make items that sends a PM with a DL link in. So you can buy HTML templates and programs etc.?

I could add that to the Inventory module (it would save me a lot of time).
Every item would have an option like:
Act as "Private Mesage item": Yes - o | No - o
and one like this one:
Private Message: [textarea here] (textarea html tags)
If set to yes it would execute a function via hook (like MyCompany does when an item is bought and the money is injected into the company) that would send a pm with the contents of the Private Message text area to the user who bought the item.
Is this what you want?
YEH! Finaly we understand each other! Big Grin
AWESOME! I'll finally have 1 downloads section. ( i currently use modified downloads script of firestryke lol.. )
- Shadows.
ok im switching to ubuntu. Should be done within the next 2 hours
that's fast =D.
Thanks Nervo =).
- Shadows.
Nice man.
Tnx. Smile
OKay I gues it's finished, I must test the updated inventory on my test forum.
YAY! Tongue
Give us the updated inventory module soon! Big Grin
Nope Tongue
It is not a bug fix version so will come in MyPlaza Turbo 0.2.4 package
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