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Full Version: [IDEA] Pet's Module
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I know that this is difficult, but is only an idea.
In the inventory could be pets but... (cost: 50 coins ex.)
I think that if we give them a comand

We click on sit and we see the pet in the inventory sit
Or stand up ecc. ecc.

Then we could give a name to the dog, cat, crikey ecc.

Do you like this idea?

Is it possible?

It's so difficult and so stupid, isn't it true? xD

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<br/><b>Double Post</b><br>
Sorry for my english, i'm italian
There are loads of a ideas and one coder (me). I can't make all modules and I still have some goods ones to make. I don't know how I could make what you want without using flash or javascript tho. To make a dog sit you need sprites and I ain't gonna make any sprites :p
I don't know what to say. It's a... stupid good.. idea. lol
Maybe jo3 can make the sprites, but I'm sure it will be very difficult to make this module.
@Pirata You can use an image of dog that is sit
@Cool i know xD
With all the module suggestions coming, I suggest you make Myplaza your full time thing Pirata.
I guess that was awesome plugin.. must be great..
we buy a pets..
then we can give the pets some foods, and cleaning them. with some bar like hunger, bladder, clean. if the pets no longer give some food they will die.

in admin CP, just determine image that imagine that pet to sit, eating, sleeping. what image? that was a creativeness of administrator to create animation of the pets. and pets will grow.. once again creativeness of administrator to create image is very influential. please create this module.... Big Grin
@Trinit, Stop spamming.
Why i am spamming?
I don't write my site o.o

is spamming Smile
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