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Full Version: Inventory?
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The icons don't appear in the postbit and there is nothing in the my inventory part when something was bought.

I tried reconstructing the template but it didn't help.

EDIT: Fixed.
What did you do to fix it?
I suppose he had put the wrong url in the box lol..
- Shadows.
I have the same problem. the items do not show up in posbit, reconstruct doesn´t help.

And if I use the URL[USERID] to edit my own inventory, there are no items shown up?
Did you activate the module?
yes I did
Did you buy any items?
yes i just bought one to check it, if you want to take a look, I´d PM you an admin acount
Ok pm it to me please.
Did you upgrade to 0.2.4?
PM is sent, yes updated to new version.
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