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Full Version: Icons?
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Where is the best place to get icons?
Where have they come from on this forum?
Are they free to use as I wouldn't want to come across copyright issues :p
IconsPedia is a great site for icons. Did you try searching with Google before you posted this thread?
I tried looking for console icons but didn't have much luck Sad
I found IconsPedia via google and it is very nice
Alternatively, and if you're artistically gifted, you can use a free image editing software to draw your own. Possibly, the best way to go is with an SVG drawing program. I recommend Inkscape. The learning curve isn't too steep, but you may have trouble at first getting to know all the functions and tools. I use it for all my drawings.
Lol yeah but it is really difficult, and IconsPedia's icons are nice though xP.
- Shadows.
I like Photoshop Tongue Tho I have been getting problems installing CS4 :C
Lol i have photoshop CS 4 & 3 installed, i HIGHLY recommend CS3, cs4 is the same as 3 ( almost except few features ) but they made another layout for the app which makes it REALLY HEAVY and i have probs to run it as it's heavy, so i use cs3 lol..
same is for dreamweaver actually lol xD.
- Shadows.
I have dreamweaver cs4 and works perfectly but as I usually use Linux I don't use deamweaver very often. Photoshop CS4 gives the error "Please insert Photoshop CS4 in drive E:\ to continue the installation"