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Full Version: How Can i fix the bank?
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I want to fix the bank I download the new file and i found in fix_bank.php

How can i install it?
Put the fix_bank.php in the root of your forum! Run it! RTFM!!! (Read The F***ing Manual)

Why the hell doesn't ANYONE read the F***ING README??!!
cause i'm italian and the readme is english asd
Oh, sorry, but there is so many ppl that is too noob to read the readme...

Sorry ~.~
Ahh..... it's simple the language that is in the readme
huh? Huh

Do you know what to do to fix the bank now?
yes i just put the file fix
Easy, upload the contents of the Upload to your forum.
Upload fix_bank.php to your forum and then run it from your browser. No errors should display.
Delete fix_bank.php.
Done Smile
i run it.... but ....

Fatal error: main() [function.require]: Failed opening required './global.php' (include_path='.:') in /membri/tuttostudenti/inc/plugins/myplaza/fix_bank.php on line 7
did you upload it to your forums's root like the readme says?
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