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Full Version: Item suggestions; Bank issue
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An item that doesn't go away, but will give you another item every day.

For example, item "Magnet" attracts another item "Attracted." "Magnet" doesn't disappear from your inventory, and you get "Attracted"'s too. Any idea on if thats possible? How about incorporating it as a module or something?

Also, Item that gives you a random item when bought. This item would be called "Random Item." When you buy "Random Item" you are actually buying a random item. Possible? Add as a Module?

Note, I used item names which we've used for years. They shouldn't be all too practical names

Also. There is an issue with the Bank script. This happened when we used Simple Machines Forum, as well.

Apparently the Bank doesn't add interest. I don't know what, precisely is the problem, but I heard it requires some form of Cron Job.(at least, I've read) If you got any information, please point it my way.
hmm lemme check, maybe it's in the mybb tasks..
No there is no task for it, i didn't add any cron job, and it does work here..(interest)..
Thank you,
- Shadows.
Every bank module is different, specially if you compare one that was made for SMF and one that was made for MyBB. And MyPlaza's bank does not need any cron jobs.
And I can confirm that bank's interest works.
(I checked the code, yes).
@random item, yes can be done but I have still a few modules to finish before making that one
Alright, my mistake, I checked and it worked fine, sorry about the false alarm.
Don't worry Wink