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Full Version: How can i see inventories?
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I saw that in this forum you can view the inventory of a user

How can i do that in my forum?
Enable it in your Inventory module options.
it is enabled but there isn't the link
Does the user have items?
Do their items show in the postbit?
Try reconstructing the templates ( admin cp ==> myplaza ==> modules ==> search for inventories, and at the right of it, click reconstruct =). )
- Shadows.
pirata no there aren't items

4 shadows:

There isn't this function

ps i use the italian language
hmm Trinit please wait a sec, i'll make a screeny =).
Maybe Nervo could use it to add it in a wiki or something?
- Shadows.
screenie =)
@Trinit, the reconstruct button must be there. I don't know if the italian lang pack has that, you must ask Giangy.
the user must have items to appear in the postbit.
@Shadows, I don't get the wiki part lol
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