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Full Version: bank problem
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When i had 0.2.2 i was able to see when i edited a user: Money, Money in bank.
Now i upgraded lately, and when i edit a user, it's not shown, thus, when i edit him, it will remove all his bank money..
I tried reconstructing all MyPlaza modules & maintenance templates, but it didn't work =(.
Any idea?
- Shadows.
EDIT: also the button at the left that says maintenance, goes to a wrong link for maintenance lol.
Ok thanks for the bug report, im going to fix it now.
@maintenance, ok Tongue
@bank, Oh, didn't notice that. lol Smile
@maintenance, lol
@Nervo, Good you fixing it. lol
I am going to release a fixed version of the bank once I get it working.
It does not seem to work --'
lol.. good luck, well i think this is fixed in the version you just posted in the modules? =).
- Shadows.
The bank or the maintenance?
ok so, the maintenance button isn't fixed but the bank yes? ah ok lol..
- Shadows.
Yes the bank is the bank (not myplaza) and the only thing that I released was the new version of the bank module.