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Full Version: how do you edit user's inventories?
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This has been bothering me for a week now, but I can't find where to edit the User's Inventories.

How and where do you do it?
search a post from them, if you're admin below their post count & items you'll see [VIEW INVENTORY][EDIT INVENTORY]
click edit, it's that simple Smile
if he doesn't have a post go here:[USER ID HERE]
- Shadows.
make sure the setting "Can admins edit user's inventories?" is set to yes. (Inventory module settings)
(12-29-2008, 08:25 PM)Shadows Wrote: [ -> ]Ok,
search a post from them, if you're admin below their post count & items you'll see [VIEW INVENTORY][EDIT INVENTORY]

Strange. This isn't true. I have it that anyone can view other's inventories, plus admins can edit inventories, but what you describe to me is simply not the case.

The link you gave me(and me filling in the proper domain, and putting a user id as well) gives me a "No input file specified."
try to go to modules, and inventory module, click RECONSTRUCT,
that should work.
ah but you have that input file error hmm..
Try reuploading all files, maybe it didn't upload one of the files?
Thank you,
- Shadows.
I did, and it yielded the same results.

If it helps just a bit, I'm using MyBB version 1.4 and MyPlaza Turbo 0.2.3
It will only appear if you have if the user has items.
I bought an item. [my inventory] doesn't appear in the postbit.(and to clarify, it should appear right under money, as I see here in the poster's information on said post.) However, this is still not the case. I even reinstalled MyPlaza, checked if there were missing files(which, to my knowledge, aren't) proper CHMOD stuff, and, heck, for good measure I backed up my database and reinstalled MyBB 1.4.4 and My Plaza. I got the newest Inventory Module, and other stuff, and all the settings are properly configured.

I still got the Inventory Module Archive on my computer, let me type the files thats inside it.

In the upload folder inside the archive, it shows the following folders:


* in this folder there are the following files:

**In this folder the following files are:

If there are any missing files, they weren't included in the package I downloaded off this site.
did you reconstruct the inventory module templates like shadows said?
Go to MODULES, then Find Inventory and at the end of the row you must find the reconstruct button. Click it.
Or activate the "Show On Postbit" opiton in Inventory module? Tongue
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