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Full Version: How i can add an item...
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I search and search and i can't find the place where i can add a new item...

Can you help me ??

Greetings Smile
If you want ot add an inventory item, be sure that inventory module is active. Then go to MyPlaza Turbo main menu. You should find a tab at the end on the sencond row with the name "Add Inventory Item"
I haven't an inventory module... Sad
It comes with MyPlaza Turbo so you must have it. You just need to activate it.
I will re-install if no.. i comment you Smile
<br/><b>Double Post</b><br>
The problem is that in the .RAR only is inventory.php- and not without -

Resolved.. Thanks ^^
Ooops sorry. I've just updated the modules thread. I suggest you to download Inventory module 1.0.3 from there as I dont know when that backup file (inventory.php~) was made.
another question..
how i can add the inventory to the posbit??
Should be added by default but as it does not seem to be working, go to modules tab and search for Inventory. At the end of the row, click Reconstruct.
In the postbit of my forum can see the names of the items purchased but don't see the image, please help me. Thanks
There's something wrong with the images. Check if they got uploaded. If they did, link me to your site so I can check if it's a problem with your computer
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