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Full Version: How do I add a form as an module item?
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Hi, I'm trying to make this on my forum, but I couldn't make it¬¬. I need an item that in the description have some form fields that get sended even through PM or mail (it doesn't matter)

You have any base code i can use? I tried to make it myself with the demo module, but it didn't work Sad

Thanks in advance
The demo module is not updated in 0.2.2. 0.2.3 comes with an updated version.
What you want must be done in the extra html field.
But it won't send any PM as that part of the code must be in a PHP file. If it's the inventory module then you can't do it. If it's the a new module you want to create then it's possible. Check out the donate module as it sends a PM when a user donates to somebody.

Of course you must understand PHP
So I have to make a new module that sends a mail with the form I inserted in the extra HTML of the Non-inventory item? I think i can make it (not for sure Tongue)

I'll post later the module (if I can make it). To see if you can check it please.

PS: when will 0.2.3 be released?
I'm thinking about releasing 0.2.3 today.
Pick up the donate.php module, delete the donate_page() function as you don't need it for what you want.
Delete donate_admin() as I don't think you need any settings.
Delete the function donate_showthread() , donate_postbit(), xmlhttp_donate_process(), xmlhttp_donate() and you can also remove the templates functions and the calls that donate_activate() and donate_deactivate() do to donate_remove_edits_templates(), donate_modify_templates(), and remove the templates part in donate_activate() and donate_deactivate()
Just edit the rest to do what you want.
ohh thanks! That's pretty usefull, I'm editing the donate.php right now
Gosh! I give up!! I've been trying it, but it doesn't work ¬¬
Would you make this for Boobies or Flames(my board currency) or AP (the currency from the Admin Lounge or all of them?? please please please!
It's very simple, just a module that sends a mail (with the info in the form from the extra HTML) when purchased.

Or you know any other one that can make it or help me?
I can make it lol. I already made an email spammer module but it does not come with MyPlaza. I just need to remove a few things and you can modify to use the icon you want, name and description.
lol that module would be cool Tongue JK

Thanks Pirata!!!
Ok it's almost finished.
Which parameters do you want users to fill in?
There are about 10 parameters, I'm not sure you want to add them Confused.
If you want here they are (I tried to reduce them the most):
Dropdown menu: "Designer" with 2 options
small textbox: "Picture URL"
small Textbox: "Text"
Dropdown menu: "Font size" with only 3 options
Checkboxes: "Effects" about 5 options

Basically that's all, the email would be submitted to 2 mails, and if it's posible that the user buying the item, Is also listed in the mail would be great!

If you dont' want to add all those parameters just tell me how to add them and where.

Thanks a lot!!
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