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Full Version: [module request] Group Subscriptions
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Hi all, I've seen this before on others cash systems. However, I want to know if is possible to add this module to MyPlaza Turbo.

So users can buy the access to the group on MyPlaza Turbo and then be charged each lapse of time with X quantity of money.
Lol i already asked for this..
I don't think it has to be difficult if you base of the username change plugin, and then, in place of username row, change group row, and load all groups available.
I might try to do it, but i don't think it'll be a success xD.
- Shadows.
It got to have time limits then. Tongue
Yes can be done, I just need to create a plugin that changes the usergroup and make it to add 2 new fields:
oldgroup - old group
exptime - expiration time

If the expiration time has bee reached revert the usergroup to oldgroup
And the two fields is removed from postbit* Tongue
Hm? Why would they be in the postbit?
Thought you meant that.. lol Where are they going to be?
They are not going to be anywhere. They are used by the module, just that.
Oh, okey. lol Tongue
There are modules from the old MyPlaza that you could port for this:

Buy Into Usergroup & Buy Into Secondary Usergroup

They do have ability for time limits. Big Grin
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