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Full Version: [Release] NewThreadTemplate Module!
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Hi 2 all,

first of all happy xmas to everyone!

I want to publish my module for myPlaza: NewThreadTemplate Module!.

You find everything here: (Guests can download Wink)

Best Regards
Nice module Smile Thank you, I might add that here as we often post news about various things and having a template ready to post news would be awesome.
Thanks Big Grin
Thank you for your feedback! Wink
Hey, that looks awesome!
I'm just wondering, is this for every user, or for just the user who buys it?
Nice, thanks!
- Shadows.
For the user who buy. Wink
Just installed this on the forum.
Thank you once more
nice idea, flash.tato, thanks

if you want to use the same colors everytime you post a message, for example, is a nice product Big Grin
A new version is available with some fix.
Thanks Smile
very good module thankyou
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