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Full Version: [Release] NewThreadTemplate Module!
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Thanx for plugin but...I don't understand how it work, what we can do with it.
Grazie del plugin ma...Non ho capito a che serve, cosa ci permette di fare.
PS. You are the same of mybboard italy?
It's running on the plaza,test it Smile
What i must click? i'm on the plaza
Just buy the item New Thread Template.
type the id of the forum you want to have a custom template for threads and type something in the text area.
Then go to the forum id and create a new thread. By default the text in the message is the same you typed in the text area in the plaza
I understood, i hope XD
This site has been suspended Sad now I decided to install it lol.
- Shadows.
I have it here on the site Tongue
cool i found it on my windows 7 desktop xP
- Shadows.
i cant download, link broken
I don't know if the developer will fix it. I will see if I can re-upload it today
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