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Full Version: Restocked items
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I restocked most of them yesterday to 30.
Except the planets of course
I bought all the GBA's so fast that there is -2 left in stock! POFLMAO!!! Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin
Check it out!!
i bought some stuff this morning
@Co_ol wtf lol
Why did you want so many game boys?
To sell for big price! Mwhahahah! lol jk
I don't know. lool
Great. Now I've bought those seven iPhones for nothing -.-

edit: lol who has bought them all now? :p
sweet.... btw the picture for the macbook is the older model, ibook lol
lol. wow, half of everything is gone already.

I bought a monitor. Big Grin
lol xD
@ds, the icon pack said that it was a mac book Tongue