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This thread contains the latest updates to MyPlaza Turbo modules.

<a name="changeuser_name_title"></a>Change user name/title module - 1.0.0 - 23th December 2008
Just needed 2 edits to work 100% with MyPlaza Turbo. So I decided to edit those things and release it (:
Author: ZiNgA BuRgA

<a name="lottery"></a>Lottery - 1.0.2 by Keyvan - 3rd January, 2008
Money was being given to the first user who ran the plaza.
Author: Keyvan fakhri shojaie

<a name="buyinto_secondary_primary_usergroup"></a>Buy into Usergroup 1.0.1 & Buy Into Secondary Usergroup 1.0.1 - 26th December 2008
Took me a few hours to port it as I needed to re-write a few things in the myplaza_admin_plugin.php to get these modules working
Author: ZiNgA BuRgA
Note: This module only works with MyPlaza Turbo 0.2.3 or newer.
Do I need to reactivare the plugin after installation? :|
The readme in the .zip tells you what to do.
just upload the new files Smile
Okey... No need to reactivate, then. Smile
<br/><b>Double Post</b><br>
The fix works! Wink
Okay, thanks for confirming Big Grin (gonna install new smilies)
Yay, new smilies! Can you give me the link to the site you find the smilies? Big Grin
Lol I use google to find smilies sites haha
which are the new smilies? I still see the south park ones lol?
Oh, btw i suggest stickying this thread Big Grin.
going to install fix Big Grin.
Thanks, also thanks for the credits ahaha Smile.
- Shadows.
Oops I thought I had stuck it.
The new smilies will be installed soon, I am adding a javascript falling snow effect lol
xD ^^ add a button to toggle it on / off Big Grin..
else it may be slowing down someone's pc/being annoying xD..
Thank you,
- Shadows.
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