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Full Version: Template help needed
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Hey guys,
i installed MyPlaza.
The inventory template in postbit wasn't done.
I tried uninstall/install still nothing..
So i guess i'll do them manually.
So i'd need this template edit ( i can do the rest Wink )
Template edit for the PostBit Items from the inventory module..
Thanks a lot Big Grin.
- Shadows.
Hmm it should do that automatically on installation :/.
When you activate the inventory item, if it still does not display the items. Click Reconstruct on the right (in the modules page)
Will i lose all my settings? Because i've set all the things up :/
- Shadows.
okay, tested it in localhost, there it worked, i'm going to do it on my site..
Hope it doesn' tmess all the template work i just did.. Tongue
it worked, but it seems i've badly configured my items,
for example in POSTBIT it shows this image
in admin panel i've put this:
and in myplaza main, it shows up right.
If i change it, it messes up or in myplaza index or in postbit?
In my opinion what's important is getting it to work Tongue
How many times do you think I lost MyCompany's settings during development? ahaha, loads of them.
Yeah, no problem Smile-
can you read what i wrote now Tongue
(took me about 1000 hours to get all those items inside xD. but you don't lose items by clicking the button Tongue)
- Shadows.
lol the links say page load error for me Tongue
Oh and the DNS didn't work so if you don't mind, remove them before you break your forums xD
yeah no prob..
yea that's whati mean
read the url that is shown..
the first one that i sent, is the wrong one, and it displays twice the index,
the second oen that i sent is the right one.
- Shadows.
hmmm how did you set the path to the icon?
well i wasn't sure what to set, so i set the full url to it, http://talkforstuf.blalblabla like i said first lol
it works then in MyPlaza but not in the PostBit, and if i do it to work in postbit it doesn't work in myplaza.. =__= lol..
- Shadows.
edit: it works now lol xD..
Weird.. well thanks for the help Big Grin..
i've put inventory/icon now ^^.
For the sun item I set this:
inventory items/solar system/sun.png
in the icon path.
It works fine in the postbit and fine in admin cp
and in the plaza too
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