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Full Version: Lottery
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I ported the lottery module by Keyvan and it is running on the forum Smile
could you make it so you buy a random lottery ticket, instead of buying ones in order?
I could but im afraid of breaking it.. I dont know how it works, I just ported it didnt even take a look at the way it works Tongue
well alright, lol.

you're still a beast. Big Grin
if u do make it so it gives random tickets make sure u don't give the same ticket numbers to different people. lol.
yeh that's one of the problems.
make a text or encrypted file that stores all the numbers of the tickets that corresponds to the user. They should be stored according to their number (order). So the binary tree organization method can be used for quicker comparing and organizing results.

and wen the loto is over. It clears the file.
Lol we can use the database you know?
I won't mess with the lottery now
i haven't tried making any plugins yet so I mostly don't know it works. lol.

Of course not now.
Entering costs 100 boobies when you can only win 1000? You should increase the amount of boobies you win :blink:
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