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Full Version: A little question about MyCompany + Bug report
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I don't get what it's for and what it does?
You can create a company browse the existing, add users to the company, but what else?
I don't really see what it does..
It'd be cool if you can explain ^^.
- Shadows.

PS: i think there's a little error in here...
lol i must delete some help docs.

MyComany lets you have your own company or work for one.
The point is to get money Tongue
Oh so you can "hire" people to work in your company for the points?
That's cool Big Grin
But: about the bug, coolzite123(of cool) had it's help docs working, now he updated to beta, it got like your site ? :/
Thank you. Smile
- Shadows.
People can apply to work for you and you can accept or refuse the application.
If accepted you will need to edit his salary as it is set to 0 by default.
You can fire any employee at any time without needing to pay him lol. (this will be changed in the next version).
You must pay the salaries every time the payment date is reached. (when creating a company you must choose a date for the next payment and the period of time between payments, i.e. after the payment date has been reached and you have paid your employees (when paying your employees you also pay yourself and you can set a salary for you too) the date of the next payment will be the same plus the number of days you have set in the period of time between payments).

Employees must create items that wil be sent to the plaza and they can be bought by every user. The price of the item when it's bought is injected into your company's money.
There's a delay between item creations, i.e. the admin sets the number of days an employee must wait to be able to create another item so the plaza does not get filled with items lol.

Once you create a company a category in the plaza is created with the name of the company.
WOW. I get it now Big Grin
That's awesome!
You might add the explanation you just wrote into the help Tongue
Thanks!!( I think i might use it then xD )
- Shadows.
I'm glad you like it Tongue
Added it to my documents! Tongue
About the empty documents, t's not a problem Shadows! Just need to delete them and it's fine again.. lol Wink
can the owner of the company add items?
No only employees
ohh and what happend with single employees companies lol

Or owners helping in direct hand work Tongue
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