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Full Version: Few questions!
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I got a few questions about it Big Grin

1. When RPG module is released, can people make and sell clothes that will fit on the person as well as weapons or not?

2. Is it possible for there to be a main company / goverment of which admins get to control and they pay their staff from it?

3. Are there paid group subscriptions?

4. With the character count, is quotes included?

5. Is it possible to put the points amount in the header menu or something where only the users can only see their own points instead of others seeing their points in their profile and on the postbit?

6. Will there be an module of where you can buy points from the forum e.g. users buying extra points which could be used as an extra form of income for the admin.
1. The RPG isn't started on yet.. Be patient! Wink

(Can't answer others, not author)
1. MyRPG will have nothing to do with MyCompany, 2 different modules. A bridge can be made tho. (I will not make one for now)
2. There is a way in MyCompany to inject money and to get money from it so if you make money with a company (of course it must be one of your companies) you can get money from it but remember you must pay the salaries to your employees too.
3. what do you mean?
4. I think yes
5. Nope, if you want to do that, modify the templates to reach your goal Smile
6. Like buy money?? o.o
Yeah, I didn't understand 6. either.. ,': |
like tokens at a fair.
I dont understand lol. I am not English Tongue
like a huge place with games and rides and stuff and you buy tickets or tokens etc to go on them
oh.. nice idea... but I think MyPlaza is getting too huge... :|
yeh that's too much for me lol
i agree with ^^^ lol
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