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Full Version: About beta-testing
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I had seen on the mybb you gave betatesting versions,
i know i'm a bit late, and you gave to a lot of people, but can i have one too?
I'm just too curious i'll not install it online, i'll put it on my localhost with xampp Big Grin..
Well tell me if it's okay Big Grin
i want to have boobs on my localhost xD ( just kidding xD )
Thank you,
- Shadows.
sorry but I could not give it to others, I can't give it to you Sad
It's going to be released tomorrow hopefully so you dont have to wait a lot more Tongue
Aww... Can't you check if there are users that are inactive? Really want Shadows to be a part of the team.. Wink
@co_ol didn't see your post because you posted at the same time as me xD..
hey co_ol thanks for the remark Big Grin.
Wow really!!
That's amazing.. lol i can't wait!!
I will make modules in the feature ( if i'm able to )
does it use ajax ? ( that's only the hardest part xD.. ajax is annoying but cool once you get it Big Grin )
The man said no, but I want him to check if there are inactive Beta Testers..
Thanks cool Smile.
- Shadows.
NP.. Lets see what "The Boss" finds out.. lol
Does not matter if there are any inactive beta testers. The problem is that there are users who asked me weeks ago to beta test it and I had to refuse.

You can use AJAX if you want Smile MyCompany uses AJAX but I needed to crate a new JS file
Oh.. That's too bad... Really wanted him on the team.. Sad
Sorry Shadows.. Sad
Hey no prob cool Smile. ( and thanks Smile )
I can wait.
Well actually i can't xD.. but 1 day, that's little time to wait ( normally )..