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Full Version: MyPlaza Request
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Is it possible to make this use the rows of MyPS or, to clone my MyPS, and to use this in the place of it?
I really love it Smile.
Oh btw: is there a plugin that makes you pay for a download?
That'd be great.
Is it available for download already?

Thank you,
- Shadows.
I don't know what's the name of the money field in MYPS but if you change it to money, MyPlaza will use it.
You will also need to change a few parameters of the field. Ask me in the release thread (once I release it to public).

There's no plugin to make users pay for downloads Tongue
I see Smile.
well i have a plugin for any cash thingy, to pay for downloads, it's originally from firestryke then modified by MyVB then by me for MypS XD..
you can see it working at well, if you want i can give yuo the code, only thing you have to change is the table it uses.
MyPS uses the user==> myps Smile.
Thank you,
- Shadows.
Is it a full downloads plugin? Or just a modified version of a downloads plugin?
I like the idea
Well don't really understand what you mean with full/modified
well, firestryke made the plugin and via admin panel you can add downs =>
myvb added cost with MyVBPoints
I changed it to use MyPS Smile
you can change everything in the admin panel Smile.
Thank you,
- Shadows.
Oh got it Tongue
I may use it then
Well if you want i may give you the code when i'm on my pc xD.. ( currently on laptoppy of a friend ^^ )
but my friend, the admin at MyVB wants that you ask him before you use it Smile.
Well actually it's simple it's like:
Go to download:link click==> access db put less points ==> redirect to download
That's it..
Thank you,
- Shadows.
I may create my own Downloads plugin Tongue
That would be cool! Tongue
And mabye different cost for eatch user group?
Yeah like VIP usergroup has to pay less ^^.
and then again, create an item to buy a membership. So they buy vip and then they pay less Tongue
- Shadows.
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