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Full Version: When will MyPlaza Turbe be released?
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Hi all, I've been looking for this accross the forum but I couldn't):
So well... can somebody tell me when it will be realesed?
Within the next 2 weeks (20th December is a good date)
so nervo we already have "myplaza" then you what do you mean by a release?
public release lol
oh thanks! can't wait Tongue I love the way you made MyPlaza as turboBig Grin!
i love Myplaza Turbo ... but the date is still the same?
nope, I got a new laptop 2 days ago and Have been trying to get the network card working on ubuntu.
Until now it didnt work so Im coding my company atm. I want to finish the beta today and release it to public tomorrow.
Finish the beta of MyCompany or MyPlaza? Sad.
MyPlaza is finished but it will come with MyCompany and I won't release MyPlza without MyCompany lol
I see, can we disable MyCompany when MyPlaza is released?
It doesn't interest me, it won't really help my forums Tongue..
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