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Full Version: MyCompany - Screenshot
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This is what you see when you are the owner of the company/employer. Currently I have no employees and I don't know if it will display a list of them correctly once I have some, I still need to test it.

The chat balloon is my company's logo/icon and Chat 2 is my company's name Tongue

Looking good so far,
I sent you a PM Nervo about the screenshot....
EDIT: No I didn't.. lol

Nice work, Is that going to include in 0.1.4?
Yeah if everyone wants 0.1.4 tomorrow I will include what I have done so far
Yeah, sure! Upload tomorrow! Tongue
looks really good, great work there! Big Grin
Thank you.
It displays the employees fine and also their settings on the right when you click over an employee's name.
thats awesome nervo!
dood, you're an effin beast.
Can't wait for a screenshot of MyRPG..!! Big Grin
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