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Full Version: Solar system planets added (including moon and sun)
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Added them and I already bought the sun Tongue

I also recounted everyone's money
woo, I bought Uranus. Tongue
im Too Broke Sad LOL
What do you mean by recount?

EDIT: NOOOOOOOOO Not recount I have half what I used to Sad
woo, i got the moon!
I gotta buy somethin.
mars is MINE! you better be quick they are going fast. pirata, you should make it so theres only ever one of each.
I got Earth and Saturn!!
Is it okey if I steal your idea? (Over to my forum)
Yeah you can use it lol.
there are plenty of icons there

@ds, there is only 1 of each Smile
Tnx, pervo... lol Tongue
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