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Full Version: New item - NervOS 2.3
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I tried buying it and it works so I already own one (as you can see CO_ol, it works Tongue)

Please test if you can buy it.

The latest version of MyPlaza Turbo (0.1.3) is installed on this board and the latest version fixes the bank bug which means it is not cheatable anymore. (At least the money I used to cheat it does not work anymore)
I have it LOL
woo, I have NervOS 2.3! Big Grin
Good good goog pirata!!!!!!!!!!!
I have it too!!!!
I purchased the last one, NervOS 2.3 is, as of now, officially out of stock. Tongue
lol mwhahaah
I bought five of them lol.
Both Nervo and Tbread bought 2 lol, why do you buy more than one? Tongue
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