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Full Version: Few questions about plugins...
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I have a few questions.....I'll try to keep them short and sweet.

1) MyDonations doesn't seem to work in the admin panel, when I click "Set Goal" and put in the information, there's no button to 'save' it.  So i can't set a donation goal. image will be attached addition to that, there's no link  anywhere for the donation goal or to donate on the front end?
2) Where is the list of "Achievements" shown, normally?  Assuming I'll have to add this link to my navigation on my own?
3) The MyUpdates plugin requires a license key right? Sometimess I get an "Invalid key" error in my admin panel? Why is this?


1) Find '$buttons = "";' and replace with '$buttons = array();'
2) You mean the link to the myachievements.php page? Yes, you need to add it manually to whatever template you think is best.
3) - did you read the first post? :p
1) What file?
2) Thought so, thanks.
3) Yes I did, and I added my site, I still get "invalid key" when I log into my admin CP at times. When I click on the "MyUpdates plugins" thing, it has a textbox to add a key, but again, no "Save" button. What file do I edit to fix this for both MyDonations and MyUpdates? Thanks!
1) inc/plugins/mydonations.php
3) MyDonations has nothing to do with MyUpdates. For MyDonations see #1. For MyUpdates, what domain did you add?
1) Thanks, that worked! Smile
3) Gotrcha.

For the myupdates bit, I used the domain  https:/./

This is what shows up when I log into the admin CP:


For those who want the fixed file for inc/plugins/mydonations.php it's attached below:
Awesome Smile