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Full Version: Group Memberships --> Set as Primary Group instead of Display
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Is it possible to change the settings inĀ Group Memberships to where when you join a group you can set it as your Primary Usergroup instead of just your Display Usergroup?

Each usergroup has it's own permissions, however the 'original' Registered group is VERY limited in what it can do.

Upon joining a new group like "Players" or "Characters" you should be given their options (like being shown on the memberlist which "Registered" usergroup cannot be shown), however since you're still tied to the "Registered" group you aren't shown even if you join the "Characters" group and set it as your display group.

I'd really like to cut the ties of the "Registered" group when joining one of the other two but unsure if this is an option to choose your own Primary Usergroup.

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