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Full Version: MySubscriptions 2.3 will not have recurring subscriptions
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Hi everyone,

It has been decided that MySubscriptions 2.3 will no longer support recurring PayPal subscriptions. The decision was taken because a lot of features are not compatible with recurring subscriptions, therefore leaving half the code working for one-off and part of the code not working for recurring subs. To make it uniform, I decided to drop recurring subscriptions.

I understand that this may cause some inconvenience but as of now (v2.2) the plugin is pretty stable, so if you use recurring subscriptions, you shouldn't upgrade (unless you switch to one-off). Should you want to switch to one-off, you'll need to cancel all your recurring subscriptions via PayPal (I once had to do that).

v2.3 should be released soon.

so what going be new in 2.3?
I'm sorry but I can't disclose that yet as it's subject to change.
(10-04-2017, 02:33 AM)Diogo Parrinha Wrote: [ -> ]I'm sorry but I can't disclose that yet as it's subject to change.

that is ok Smile it be surprise gift Tongue
I dont understand well tho, will it be possible to buy subscriptions via paypal or not then?

It will be but not recurring subscriptions, only one-off, like here.

Is there any ETA ?
Nope, sorry.
This version is ready for release. Would anyone want to try it out before I release it? This is change log:
- Slotted subsriptions (admins can specify a maximum number of subscribers per plan)
- Plans may have multiple accepted periods (rather than just one)
- Recurring subscriptions have been removed due to code compatibility/feature support.
- PHP7 compatibility.
so whats the difference gonna be between mydonations and mysubscriptions after the update 2.3 ?  mydonation has a goal feature.

removing recurring is sad tho.  because i use your mydonations for non recurring payment and mysubscription for those who want to  support the community every month or every given months 2-3-6 etc.. without them worrying for paying next month. as it is recurring for them. :/
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