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Full Version: Help with NewPoints Subscriptions and VIP Membership plugins
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I loved the plugin NewPoints, and have also used the Subscriptions plugin add-on with it for letting members promote themselves to a certain usergroup after earning the required points on my forum. It is working greatly for me, and I love it very much. However, there is a problem I am facing, with which I need your help: Expiration period. For certain subscriptions, I want to set the expiration period to "never" i.e. Make them so that they never expire. I know that I may escape that by adding a large value to the expiration years, but I need it so that there is no expiration period for that particular subscription, and in the NewPoints Subscriptions page of my forum, in the My Subscriptions in the "Period" column, it gets displays "Forever". Also, the task may not check for the expiration of that particular Subscription, and so on. I want the same help with the VIP Membership plugin (Both made by the great Diogo Parinnha). Could you please help me out? Smile
This forum is not for help. We only provide support to paid subscribers, sorry.