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Full Version: Steal Vouchers request (maybe for Shop 1.9 ?)
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Yes, I'm adding myself to the list of those who request a Steal option for those using the NewPoints system.

Apparently, this has been a requested system since 2009.  And this was a feature within MyPlaza which I believe a colleague of mine used to have installed in a forum of his own.  (seriously, I kept getting my cash stolen by a guy called Trickster).  There appears to be a few links to various Steal Money Modules by Shadow, but no working Steal option as yet for NewPoints.

The premise of the Steal system is fairly simple.  The user (you) types the username whom you wish to pickpocket (the other guy), and you type in how much you want to take from their available pocket.  If you succeed, you get the funds and the other guy doesn't.  If you fail... nothing.    And you do have to pay a set rate to make the attempt.  Also, this only affects on-hand newpoint funds.  Funds kept in the bank are safe, which adds another reason to have a bank plugin.

When I encountered this feature in my collegue's forum, the steal feature was performed by purchasing a Steal token which you could actually use, either immediately or at a later date (obviously hidden from other members).  However, the shop items within the NewPoints shop system have been static.  If this cannot be accomplished, perhaps a mere 'Steal' addon which is listed with the others such as *Bank or *Shop, so clicking on that brings up the Theft dialog immediately.

We no longer take free requests due to lack of time, sorry.

Thanks for the quick response, though I do recognize the statement itself in other topics. And I do not mean to press the issue. But... who said it had to be free? Big Grin Get money for it. Well... encourage others to subscribe since there isn't any individual prices per add-on.

I think that since there's been a demand for all this time, it may be a rather entertaining addition for the paid subscribers. Another reason for more people to subscribe.

Meanwhile, a variation may be based merely on MyDonations... but in reverse. Some of the mechanics already in play, so that may cut development time.

If you're looking for a quote you can post here:

I'll gladly give you one. But "I think that since there's been a demand for all this time, it may be a rather entertaining addition for the paid subscribers" this is the same thing as requesting it for free hoping for a return in the future and I right now I don't have time for this, sorry Undecided
I'm bumping this cause it does seem quite useful "and i want in on this action Big Grin "