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Full Version: Selectable Icons in Custom Profile Fields
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Hey hi hello,
I was wondering if it were possible to display icons next to radio buttons/selection box for custom profile fields such that this:

[Image: selectable-screenie.jpg]

would have the icon images themselves listed next to the selection box.

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated!


The image doesn't seem to display for me.
(03-01-2016, 02:50 AM)Diogo Parrinha Wrote: [ -> ]Hi,

The image doesn't seem to display for me.

I'll upload it to my host when I get home but in the meantime maybe you can see it by clicking this: Sharing Link
Here is the new link, updated the initial post as well.

[Image: selectable-screenie.jpg]
Ah, I get what you want. Apparently, according to that image, MyBB sanitizes HTML entirely - doesn't use the parser - for profile fields. So I'm afraid you're stuck with that...
Well damn! Thanks for your help :3
This is possible yes, but using a custom plugin. Such plugin is aviablable in the following site:

MyBB-Plugin does not offers support for third-party plugins.