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Full Version: NewPoints 2.1 Testing
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I've got NewPoints 2.1 ready but it needs testing. I've done some testing myself and it seems to be working fine. But I'd like to know if any of you would be interested in doing actual testing on your websites.

Here's the change log:
* Improved character count system (thanks to Omar G. -
* Deleted users' posts would display 0 points and the donate link: when showing the user as "Guest"
* Added donation spam control (default is 5 per 15 minutes) - except for users in group 4.
* Points are now removed when soft deleting (but not removed twice if the post/thread is permanently)
* Points are given back when restoring posts
* Fixed bug in points deducted when deleting threads with replies (would deduct more points)
* Editing soft deleted posts does not give/deduct points based on character count.
* newpoints_add_setting will first check if it can update the setting rather than inserting one with a duplicate name (thanks to Omar G.)
* newpoints_add_template will first check if it can update the template rather than inserting one with a duplicate name; it will also remove existing duplicate templates (thanks to Omar G.)
* Fixed one bug related to the deleting posts action: points for replies wouldn't be counted properly some times
* Added 'numeric' field type to settings.
* Fixed a few other bugs.

As you can see, there are some changes, hence why it needs some testing.
Ok... Let me give link. i will try to check points mention here.
You can download from here: (click on Download ZIP)

Thanks a lot.
One new modificatiob require.

Suppose I kept posts and threads to be approved before display on board.
At present point related to posts/threads immediately added to user account before approval of thread/post so by this way users can misuse it and redeem points to unlock contents.(mydownloads).

So ideally points only to be added to user once user' post or thread is approved.
Hmm makes sense.
Did you confirm the bugs to be fixed and the new features to be working properly?
Sorry bro.
I am sick so I cant right now.
I hope you get well soon :
Which is the update procedure? I did Upload -> Deactivate -> Activate But can't find the new "donation spam control" anywhere to be sure it updated correctly.
You did what was required.

The default donations per 15 minutes is 5. You can alter it in /inc/plugins/newpoints.php:
PHP Code:
define('MAX_DONATIONS_CONTROL''5'); // Maximum donations someone can send each 15 minutes 

I'll probably add a setting. This was just added because people told me that some users use this feature to spam other users with PMs and flooding their inboxes.
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