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Full Version: Show profilefields on pop up buddylist
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i hope that this time i'm in the right place Tongue

i want to show profilefields on pop up  buddylist but i don't know what php file i've to edit xD

Any clue?

i think that i've to edit misc.php
i add something like this
PHP Code:
$useroptq2 $db->query("SELECT fid4 FROM test_userfields WHERE ufid=". (int)$user['uid']. "");
        $user_opt2 $db->fetch_array($useroptq2"fid4");
        $user_opt2 $user_opt2["fid4"]; 
but nothing Undecided

i also read this

but nothing Sad

somebody can help me?

sorry for my bad english i'm romanian
You need to edit the misc.php file, that's right. You will also need to modify the templates that belong to the popup list in order to show the profile fields.
i insert this on misc.php

$useroptq2 = $db->query("SELECT fid4 FROM test_userfields WHERE ufid=". (int)$user['uid']. "");
$user_opt2 = $db->fetch_array($useroptq2, "fid4");
$user_opt2 = $user_opt2["fid4"];

and this on the misc_buddypopup_user_online

but nothing...for you where do i do wrong?
Where exactly did you put that? You need to put that inside the
PHP Code:
elseif($mybb->input['action'] == "buddypopup"

if clause. before:
PHP Code:
eval("\$buddys['online'] .= \"".$templates->get("misc_buddypopup_user_online")."\";"); 

But your code won't work because $user is not what you want. You want $buddy
i put exactly after the elseif
but i don't understand what you mean by

Quote:But your code won't work because $user is not what you want. You want $buddy


ahhh now i understand
like i say i no speak or understand english very well Big Grin

thank's so much Diogo , your better than official support
I'm glad it's working Wink