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Full Version: NewPoints System - Users for Sale
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Hi Mybb-Plugins Team

First of all, a big thank to you guys for making useful plugins. Then I would like to go straight to my idea for your Newpoint system.

With your current system I think it'll easy to integrate. How about a plugin which allow us to buy / own users on our forum. It would be like "Friend For Sale" "Friends to own" something like this.

On every profile page / post there will be a button like "Own" , and through your system we will be informed if we have enough money for this / if it's ok for this to make a purchase etc... Then we should have in New Points system a tab look like a homepage to show who's the most expensive one and some other information like last auction ...

Thanks, have a nice day. Angel

Thanks for your suggestion but I'm not sure if anyone else would actually find this useful at all Tongue

Anyway, we currently have a lot of things on our todo list, mostly updates to existing plugins, which means no new plugins in the upcoming months. There is one which has been mostly finished for some time but I haven't found the time to finish it yet.
I find it useful. Would you please make me an offert? I maybe will be able to pay it I think it's quite easy to do, since you got all the logic there Wink
If you want to get a quote, please post in the Custom Plugins forum.