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Full Version: Question About Subscriptions
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I'm thinking about subscribing simply for the fact your plugins are amazing. I really love all of them, especially the PayPal supported ones.

My question for subscriptions comes from the point-of-view of other forum softwares. Some mods for SMF and phpbb prevent you from installing a plugin more than one time. The license itself carries a tracker and prevents you from installing on different boards. I myself have self-hosting, and run multiple boards where some of your paid plugins will be very very useful.

I was wondering what the policy on multiple installs is, or if you have to download it multiple times in order to use it more than once?

You can install my plugins anywhere you want as long as you're the server owner. You cannot install my plugins on websites that offer hosting to other users though, that goes against the license, sorry.
So I have to physically own the server in order to subscribe and use the plugins, instead of maintaining a purchase plan from something like HostGator in order to use the plugins.

EDIT: The plugins are only uploaded to my sites, and are not shared with anyone else on the same server (we have different cpanels and the like).
No, you must own the server through some contract (e.g. purchasing from HostGator). If you're sub-contracting your servers you cannot offer my plugins (even if the sub-server owners do not have access to the files) in those contracts. Website example that is not allowed to do it:
I purchased a plan with Hostgator for 60 bucks every six months to have my own server space. I do not offer sharing my hosting with anyone else. I'm guessing there's a difference between having a paid plan with them and contracting a server?

I was asking about multiple sites because I run a few communities using the subdomain feature through Hostgator.
Oh no, you're perfectly fine then. Just a customer like everybody else here Smile
Oh, cool! Thank you so much!

I'll be subscribing then. ^^

Appreciate the patience. Big Grin