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Full Version: MyAchievements 1.11
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My Achievements lets you setup various types of achievements that motivate your members to be more active.

Setup ranks according to achievements and users will definitely do their best to upgrade their rank.

The best of all: achievements are given automatically (except custom achievements).

[Image: jF9cjA2s.jpg] [Image: 6IAKyW9s.jpg] [Image: zLirvZZs.png]
[Image: kL9Ps1Ds.png] [Image: NJZ3gCOs.png] [Image: sRa0fsZs.png]
[Image: vDVC85ps.png] [Image: IyUB3qms.png] [Image: hWIphexs.png]
[Image: jliP6qRs.png] [Image: deYSjQKs.png]

Please read the documentation.

Our EULA can be found here.

Change Log
 PHP7 compatibility.

- Installing the plugin on a server with MySQL STRICT enabled will no longer give problems.

- Added compatibility with MyBB 1.8.
- Rebuild tool now comes with an option to disable custom achievements reset.
- The task now converts old achievements setup to new one added in v1.7. (before we'd only maintain compatibility, now we convert to newer method)
- Fixed bug in the task which would not use custom achievements in rank requirements.

(for older versions, please read the changelog.txt file that comes with the zip)

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