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Full Version: Shop items not showing on posts
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I'm running Mybb 1.6.15 and Newpoints 1.9.7

I want to upgrade Newpoints to 1.9.9 before I upgrade my site to Mybb 1.8 but I was doing some stuff on my board yesterday and ran into some problems that I need to sort before I do any kind of upgrading.

Right now Newpoints is making my head ache.

I turned off all plugins yesterday and turned them all back on when I was finished. I have Newpoints set to show shop items and bank info in user posts and profiles.

Shop items are showing in the profiles but NOT in POSTS.  I can see the Newpoints code in where I want it to be, but only the money is showing.

Deactivate the Shop and activate it back.
Thank you! It worked.

I was afraid to do that for fear of losing data so I posted here first to be sure.
No problem Smile