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Full Version: MyBB 1.7 - Shop error
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I finally installed NewPoints on my localhost to complete my theme.
When I tried to install the "Shop" plugin I got this error (I know is not supported for 1.7 or 1.8 yet, but it's better to let you know):

When I clicked Install form ACP -
*When displaying the error, you can see that the design has an error too.

After the error when I click Newpoints --> Shop on my forum:
The error is related to your MySQL version or configuration not supporting the default value for that data type, it will be fixed when I have time. I'm quite busy now.
I'm using WAMP as localhost, if this helps you
i have the same problem when i click shop in the forum

[Image: b53bf8.png]
It seems to work for me
Same error for me