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Full Version: (Srpski - Српски) NewPoints - Buy Forum Access 1.0
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Croatian language pack for NewPoints plugin Buy Forum Access 1.0

Upload file to inc/plugins/newpoints/languages/srpski

Српски јеѕични пакет ѕа NewPoints плугин Buy Forum Access 1.0

Само уплоадајте датотеку у:
There is some mistakes in your translation. Smile You should be more carefull about, љ, s -> з, etc.
If you find any more mistakes, please report.

I will fix this untill end of week.

Edit: Translate fixed and updated.
I can speak Portuguese too if you guys want to have an interesting conversation Big Grin
No, thanks, this in PS is just question about wrong character(s) and this in PSS is our alphabet for checking all characters... Smile
(07-02-2014, 04:33 AM)Zyon Wrote: [ -> ]Sorry, I haven't Serbian on my keyboard, so I work it from mobile... Also I'm from Croatia so there can be grammar issues... If you find some, please report.

I will fix it untill end of week.

PS. Na koja slova točno misliš na ćirilici i latinici? Nisam baš razumio gdje sam pogriješio...

Lj -> љ
Nj -> њ
Jel točno?

Jel to? I što još? I kako se piše ć ako se uopće piše Smile ? Kotistim Makedonsku ćirilicu pošto Srpske nemam...

PSS. Koja slova ne valjaju? а б ц ч ќ д ѓ дж? е ф г х и ј к л љ м н њ о п р с ш т у в ѕ ж -> a b c č ć d đ dž e f g h i j k l lj m n nj o p r s š t u v z ž

It's not a problem, you made just few little mistakes, nothing big. Smile

--- Da, tako se piše "ć". Isto kao na Makedonskom. I u Srbiji je Latinica i Ćirilica, postoji mala razlika u pisanju i izgovorima naspram Hrvatskog, ako imaš nešto što ti nije jasno, slobodno pitaj.
Sva slova si dobro napisao, koliko sam primetio. Smile

Pirata, if you speak Portuguese, like they play football, then... Tongue
@Jovan if you speak Serbian like they play footbal, then... Tongue
Translate edited and updated in first post

Превод уреѓен и ставлјен нови.