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Full Version: How to edit the home page?
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I would like to edit the description in my own words. Also, I will be keeping the copyright for respect of your work. Just want to know how to edit the text. Smile
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You can edit the language file to your needs, I don't need copyright Smile Thanks anyway
Where is the language file?
It's in /inc/languages/english/newpoints.lang.php
Why do i have the newpoints_hello.lang.php?
That's in /inc/plugins/newpoints/languages/ not in /inc/languages/english/ otherwise you uploaded the files incorrectly. The file you mentioned is part of the Hello plugin for NewPoints.
i used FTP zilla and it uploaded correctly. Do you have that php file? Because i do not have it for some reason.
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You're looking in the wrong place, those are the language files for NewPoints Plugins not the NewPoints plugin's language files.

(05-25-2014, 02:47 AM)Pirata Nervo Wrote: [ -> ]It's in /inc/languages/english/newpoints.lang.php
I fixed it and edited myself! Thank you so much for your time! Smile
btw if we even edit copyrights everyone will know that its made by you Big Grin